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Uncertain times ahead

Briggs explains why he believes that the Volkswagen diesel “defeat device” affair is unprecedented

Testing EV charging points

Jim Wallace, associate director of the Seaward Group, explains how the company can help customers to meet the challenges of testing EV charge points

Maintaining a winter test facility

Russ Alger, director of the institute of snow research at the Keweenaw Research Center, on maintaining and building consistent surfaces at a major winter test facility

The importance of aerodynamics

Regulatory requirements for emissions reduction are increasing the importance of vehicle aerodynamics – but this goal could also bring about conflicts, with the demands for effective thermal management and attractive styling

Gene goes on an automotive safari

Fresh from a Jeep Safari, our columnist considers whether fringe usage should join the factors influencing a vehicle’s duty cycle during testing

Collaboration questioned

Witnessing a rollover prompts Gene to question the level of cooperation between test experts from the worlds of automotive and road design

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