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Security alert

In light of the recent hacking of a Tesla Model S by Chinese researchers, Cesare Garlati, chief security strategist at prpl Foundation, considers how testing of connected vehicle technologies can better protect such vehicles from future hacking attempts

Designing trucks for platooning

Exa Corporation’s technical director, Kevin Golsch, reveals how simulations of platooning have indicated improvements in fuel economy of at least 10% on large commercial vehicles

Virtually destroyed

Huw Davies, senior lecturer in automotive systems engineering at Coventry University in the UK, asks, is CAE a panacea for replacement of physical testing in crash analysis?

The widening gap between simulation and physical tests

Tim Stubbs, general manager of the Advanced Structural Dynamics Evaluation Collaborative Research Centre, at the University of Leicester, believes a big data collaborative approach could yield more information earlier during NVH testing

Better hybrids through intelligent battery use

Torotrak business development director and former Opel DTM racing engineer, Tobias Knichel, believes that flywheel energy recovery technology is the key to the increased adoption of low-emissions vehicles

Virtual vs physical testing

Former vehicle development engineer Mark Berry explains why he believes entrusting testing of new vehicles purely to the realms of cyberspace is folly

Crash testing lightweight vehicles

Huw Davies, senior lecturer in automotive systems engineering at Coventry University in the UK, presents his concerns surrounding current crashtest regulations for L-category vehicles

Recall management

Barry Nielsen, automotive solutions director at consultancy Stericycle Expert Solutions, discusses the growing number of vehicle recalls and what can be done to prevent them

Connected vehicle test methods

Hans-Leo Ross, consultant for safety and product development at Bosch Engineering Group, addresses the growing concerns around autonomous vehicle development and discusses how to overcome problematic issues

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