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Autonomous vehicle testing in the simulator

Ansible Motion’s technical liaison Phil Morse, discusses why Driver-in-the-Loop simulators will be a vital tool in assessing the influence of autonomous vehicle technology on ride comfort

How real should real-world testing be?

Interesting issues arise when you replace the ‘real or virtual?’ debate with one about ‘if real, how real?’ Back in the day, some test labs used human cadavers

RF tests for wireless vehicle-to-x communications systems

In wireless communications, RF tests on transmitters and receivers help to minimize the safety risk arising from poor transmission conditions, says Thomas Brueggen, project manager of RF test systems for intelligent transport systems, Rohde & Schwarz

Mission accomplished

Good project management and the duplication of effort can be key to accomplishing goals and mitigating errors when working in large teams

Synergy through simulation

Computer-aided engineering can break down the disconnect between design and engineering – endemic in most auto makers – that adds cost and time, limits creativity and makes compromise commonplace

Hydrogen fuel purity testing

Overcoming hydrogen fuel’s chicken-and-egg conundrum is a question of purity, according to Dr Arul Murugan, senior research scientist at NPL in the gas and particle metrology group

Successful autonomous truck platooning trials

Nick Reed, academy director at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) in the UK, outlines the next steps that are vital to guaranteeing safe truck platooning trials later this year

Tackling interior noise problems

Ismail Benhayoun, Altair ProductDesign team manager, believes S&R simulation is becoming an ever more important and sought after field within NVH testing

The relevance of recall letters in lawsuits

A great number of things might be relevant. This is true in life, in law and in testing. But the rigor with which the ‘might be’ test is applied varies greatly

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