Bloodhound Land Speed Record – the clock is ticking

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Time is running out for the Bloodhound Land Speed Record team to raise the funding required to attempt the new supersonic world land speed record within the 2021 weather window on the Hakskeenpan desert in South Africa.

The team must secure sufficient funding commitments by the end of March in order to meet the financing requirements sufficient to re-form the team of aerospace and motorsport experts and complete development of the land speed record specification car, which includes the monopropellant rocket, electric oxidizer pump (replacing the 550bhp internal combustion unit), fuel system upgrades, braking mechanisms and winglets on the tail fin.

Following the successful high-speed test program where the team reached a top speed of 628mph/1010km/h in the Kalahari Desert, that team together with the jet-powered car and associated equipment is now back at the operations headquarters in Gloucestershire, UK. The car has been split apart for cleaning, inspection and maintenance and the EJ200 jet engine removed and returned to Rolls-Royce for storage.

Read our feature on the Bloodhound LSR in the March 2020 issue of ATTI.

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