Volta Trucks begins testing Volta Zero prototype

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Fully electric commercial vehicle manufacturer Volta Trucks has announced that engineering evaluation and development testing of the company’s first all-electric 16-ton commercial prototype, the Volta Zero, has started at the Horiba MIRA proving ground in Nuneaton, UK.

The prototype vehicle utilizes the same proposed production specification chassis frame and drivetrain of the final vehicle, and during its time at Horiba MIRA, all the electro-mechanical and thermal properties of the truck will be tested. This includes the high-voltage battery from Proterra, the compact rear axle, electric motor, and transmission eAxle unit supplied by Meritor.

The Volta Zero test program at Horiba MIRA is expected to last a few months, before the prototype heads out to the north of the Arctic Circle for cold weather testing, and southern Europe for hot weather testing. These varied testing and development programs will ensure the Volta Zero’s durability and reliability.

Knowledge and data gained from the current development program will be used during the testing of a pilot fleet of production specification vehicles, set for evaluation by key customers.

“The start of testing and evaluation of the first prototype Volta Zero is a major milestone on our journey towards production, and an exciting time for all of the Volta Trucks team and our customers,” commented Ian Collins, chief product officer, Volta Trucks.

“To have achieved this landmark moment in just eight months is a great example of the nimble and agile approach we have at Volta Trucks. We work at high pace to ensure that we can bring zero-emission, full-electric commercial vehicles to market quickly, because our customers require vehicles as soon as possible. We need to go through a comprehensive and thorough development program, but the start of prototype testing is evidence that we are on track to deliver production vehicles, on time, by the end of next year.”

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