Testing center gears up for new emissions standards

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The Greenmot testing center in France has announced the expansion of its facilities to accommodate testing of large vehicles, built to meet Euro 7 and Stage 5 emissions standards, through the addition of two new, dedicated test cells.

According to the company, the XXL-sized cells are well suited to larger vehicles such as off-road equipment, articulated or double-decker buses, coaches, industrial vehicles, construction vehicles and military vehicles. It notes the cells are equipped to reproduce realistic environmental conditions, including a temperature range from +55°C to -49°C, wind effects, and soon, solar effects.

Stéphane Londos, president of Greenmot, explained, “With this new investment, Greenmot sticks to its vocation of wanting to offer vehicle makers a complete testing solution, that gives them an insight into the internal functioning and tells them all the different efficiency scores of the tested vehicle in a single visit.

“It’s not just a simple climate chamber that has been implemented for our customers; it’s also a full range of skills and systems (instrumentation, robotics, test gear) to provide them with the highest possible added value in the scope of the tests carried out.”

The company’s acquisition of the additional facilities, along with the creation of new testing tools, has been partly financed by a €2.5m (US$2.9m) equity increase, industrialization aid from the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region (where the center is located), and bank funding.

The expansion marks 10 years of operation for the center, with Londos concluding, “We have now materialized all the solutions I had in mind when I founded Greenmot 10 years ago, following my experience as a tuning engineer at PSA.”

Further expansion is also on the cards, specifically the construction of more testing cells intended for smaller vehicles like cars and vans to complement the site’s existing automotive cell.

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