Cost-effective way of managing entire measuring chain from Kistler

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Kistler has released a new software package which it says allows engineers to intuitively set up and execute measurements quickly and easily. Alongside analysis software jBEAM, KiStudio enables users to benefit from a comprehensive package that will aid in carrying out a range of test and measurement tasks.

The software is also compatible with Kistler LabAmp 5165A and 5167A units, universal laboratory charge amplifiers which provide signal conditioning and data acquisition for the measurement of force, acceleration, pressure, reaction torque or strain using piezoelectric sensors.

According to the company, the jBEAM program is a post-processing software featuring analysis functions and capabilities for data visualization and report generation. jBEAM Basic, which is included in the starter pack, is sufficient for many basic applications, but when more options are needed, the professional version can support the import of multiple measurement file formats commonly found in R&D and testing labs. Multimedia formats are also available to combine measurement data with images, audio and videos.

Analysis functions include arithmetic operations, curve analysis and FFT calculations up to matrix operations, signal filters and statistics. Visualization functions allow the inclusion of simple text elements, forms and tables plus multiple types of 2D and 3D graphs. Alongside this, control elements allow the creation of interactive visualizations and reports.

Raw data can be centrally stored easily and securely, and can subsequently be exported and analyzed offline in a wide range of formats. If additional measurements are needed later down the line, the stored measurement chain setup may be downloaded and installed enabling further data to be acquired.

The software will run on any Windows 10 PC or laptop and has been developed and designed according to the latest usability criteria, ensuring that both occasional users and experienced technicians and engineers can operate the program.

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