Mullen Automotive to begin testing solid-state polymer battery technology

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Electric vehicle manufacturer Mullen Automotive has announced that it is to begin integrating solid-state polymer battery technology into its commercial Class 1 EV cargo van.

At present, Mullen’s Class 1 EV cargo van features a 46kW lithium-ion battery pack that enables the vehicle to travel 177km on a single charge. Once the solid-state polymer technology has been integrated, it is anticipated that the van will be capable of over 322km on a full charge.

This is because solid-state batteries deliver higher energy density and faster charging times. They also benefit from being more compact and safer than conventionally used lithium-ion cells. Mullen Automotive will begin testing this technology in its Class 1 EV cargo vans beginning in Q4 2023.

“Electric vehicles for fleet applications are proven to reduce maintenance and operating costs,” said John Schwegman, chief commercial officer at Mullen Automotive. “Offering a higher-range battery option at a similar cost structure would significantly increase the number of use cases and routes in which commercial customers could deploy EVs.”

“The Linghang Guochuang Holding Group partnership with Mullen brings next-generation LH solid-state battery technology to the forefront of vehicle production,” explained Yao Wang, general manager of the new energy power business department at Linghang Guochuang Holding Group. “Our partnership accelerates the world’s use of solid-state polymer battery technology, not only on the vehicle level but at all levels. We are pleased to be the first company in the US to implement LH solid-state polymer battery technology in a commercial vehicle in conjunction with Mullen Automotive.”

“The continued development of solid-state polymer batteries into our portfolio of vehicles, starting with the Class 1 EV cargo van, demonstrates our continued commitment to improving battery efficiency and overall vehicle performance,” said David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive.

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