Sciemetric releases updated version of Sciemetric Studio

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Sciemetric Instruments has announced the release of Sciemetric Studio 2.1, intended to enable manufacturers to compare data across a multitude of processes and testing stations.

Sciemetric’s latest release is said to benefit from enhanced trending and what-if capabilities, alongside functionality that allows users to apply and test a range of different parameters on historical data without affecting live production data.

Production data can be manipulated, transformed and filtered to visualize and identify deviations that indicate defective components. Upon locating the problem, the latest tools within Sciemetric Studio 2.1 can aid in identifying future production issues before they occur.

With updates having been made to the program’s Advanced Trend function, issues can now be identified in two ways. Data sets from different stations in serialized production environments can be compared to trace failures that occur downstream, while data sets from parallel stations performing functions in tandem can be compared to ascertain why one station may fail more often than another. Furthermore, a new Waveform Analyzer function ensures defective parts don’t make it through as a marginal pass.

Sciemetric states that manufacturers can use the program to further develop and test new feature checks, alongside analyzing outcomes to catch borderline or defective parts ahead of making live production-line changes.

“Providing these comparatives and what-if analytical capabilities in Sciemetric Studio enables manufacturers to drive even more value from their data, within one suite of software,” commented David Mannila, product manager at Sciemetric. “We will continue to expand Sciemetric Studio with new features that help manufacturers produce the best parts and assemblies possible.”

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