AutoX fully driverless AV navigates urban villages in China

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AutoX, a provider of Level 4 fully autonomous robotaxis in China, has released a video showing the company’s fully driverless robotaxis navigating complicated road-going scenarios in the urban villages of China.

Urban villages are classed as ultra-high-density residential neighborhoods usually found in major cities within China, such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou. They tend to be extremely busy areas with lots of buildings, vehicles and overcrowding – a challenge for any autonomous vehicle.

During the video, pedestrians, animals, bikers, scooters and roadside food stalls are all navigated successfully using AutoX’s Gen5 AD system. This comprises 50 sensors and a vehicle control unit with 2200 TOPS of computing power. In addition, 28 cameras capture 220 million pixels per second, six high-resolution lidars provide 15 million points per second, and 4D radar with 0.9° resolution creates a 360° view around the vehicle. Through a combination of cameras and lidar fusion perception blind spot modules, it is claimed the robotaxi body has no blind spots.

Due to the system’s high-resolution sensing capability, AutoX claims the robotaxis can drive safely at a higher speed, extending the operational design domain of AutoX’s driverless robotaxi fleet.

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