Euro NCAP sled test facility launched by UTAC CERAM Millbrook

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UTAC CERAM Millbrook has launched a high-performance sled with a nominal force of 3,100kN as its Linas-Montlhéry site in France.

The device is capable of performing a range of crash tests to simulate the effects of a crash on a vehicle and its occupants. It will be instrumental in carrying out tests necessary for Euro NCAP ratings, specifically for whiplash and far-side requirements, alongside the FIA seat and harness protocols and ADAC child seat requirements.

The latest test sled, the SESA ServoSled 3.1 MN, will be used to test the performance, reliability and durability of test items, and is capable of carrying a payload of 4 metric tons at a speed of 90km/h and decelerations of up to 120g. Three compressors are present on the sled making it capable of 18 launches a day at 30g each.

Testing is carried out on an illumination field, lit by 30 1,000W LED projectors and filmed using cameras capable of capturing footage at 5,000fps. The sled can achieve an acceleration of over 80g for 20ms, enabling video footage to be captured from every angle without distortion.

Crash tests can be carried out on the front, rear and side of any test subject, including on special equipment to meet the UNECE R129 child seat regulation requirements. Other regulatory tests such as eCall (emergency calls) box testing can be conducted as the sled is able to handle accelerations of 70g. The upper portion of the sled is also removable, meaning engineers and technicians are able to install elements without having to operate the tool itself.

The new equipment will complement the company’s sled test facility in the UK, which has a maximum nominal force of 1,400kN. The UK-based facility has also undergone specific modifications to be able to safely perform tests on electric vehicle batteries.

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