Automotive Testing Expo India Day 1: Technology Presentation Stage: Welan Technologies demonstrates the versatility of pressure mapping systems

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In a presentation at 14:40 on Day 1 of the expo, Ishan Rahalkar, team lead at Welan Technologies, will reveal the many benefits of Tekscan’s pressure sensors for automotive testing and measurement.

“Whenever you need to validate FEA or benchmark different products, our system can be used for fuel cell stack pressure distribution in response to tightening torque, battery stack pressure optimization, seat comfort, grip force distribution, crash impact, brake pad force distribution, tire footprint pressure distribution, door seals, wipers, tire bead seating pressure and dynamic tire footprint,” explained Rahalkar during the show.

He continued, “It can, for instance, be connected to a PC by USB and user-friendly software, and inserted between any two objects to measure and display interface pressure distribution in real time. This pressure distribution gives an idea about uniformity or lack of it by applied pressure, peak pressure areas and low-pressure areas. The software shows 2D and 3D pressure maps.

Tekscan offers a revolutionary product called TCR8540, a ruggedized thin film sensor with almost 250,000 sensing points. It offers a 500 x 500mm sensing area that can cover a range of sizes from bike tires to truck tires. The company also offers ultra-large systems for OTR tires.

“In fuel cell testing, numerous thin plates are stacked closely to separate flows of hydrogen or hydrocarbons and oxygen,” continued Rahalkar. “In addition to proper stacking pressure, applied clamping torque may affect contact distribution within a fuel cell. The I-Scan pressure measurement system offers fuel cell manufacturers tremendous insight into the behavior of components and assembly alternatives. Data from I-Scan allows for direct comparison of the pressure patterns from different designs, thus saving time in design verification and re-engineering costs. Sensors are available in different shapes and pressure ranges, are reusable and provide accurate pressure data.

“Whether you are working on traditional lithium-ion batteries, the newest solid-state compositions or testing the components of the future, our pressure mapping system analysis helps you test, diagnose and innovate your battery design: battery performance and safety, lithium-ion battery life and performance, pressure testing to reduce thermal runaway risks, and measuring relative force feedback from swelling within lithium-ion battery housing. Tekscan’s ultra-thin embedded sensors can create alerts for pressure changes before they reach hazardous levels.

“How two objects interact with each other can be defined by forces acting between them. Tekscan’s system helps designers and FEA analysts correlate their simulation (force and pressure) data with real-world testing and helps create safer and more comfortable vehicles.”

He concluded, “Automotive Testing Expo is one of the leading expos for automotive test and measurement solutions. People come from all over the world to show new technologies in automotive testing. It is well attended by people from research and development teams from all major automotive OEMs and ancillaries; we look forward to speaking with visitors.”

Meet Welan Technologies at Booth 2060.

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