Part 1: What’s the main ingredient of a test program?

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ATTI asks a selection of industry professionals what they would identify as the cornerstone of development at their companies. First up: Rachel Brown, principal development engineer for the Ultimate Series, McLaren.

“All automotive manufacturers conduct a similar set of sign-off tests to meet requirements across global markets. However, McLaren’s test and development programs are biased toward high-performance track testing because of the nature of our cars,” she says.

“The testing is customer focused and we push the cars to the extremes – from environment testing in the desert and the Arctic Circle, to dynamics testing at test facilities and circuits, to high-speed sign-off testing at space shuttle landing sites.

“Development cycles mean that all testing and vehicle time has to count to ensure that critical deadlines are met robustly. Efficiency and commitment from the design and development teams is key to delivering programs in the most lean, effective manner,” concludes Brown.

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