Vantas VX undergoes US road test program

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HAAH Automotive Holdings has announced the start of the latest phase of testing for its Vantas VX, the first Vantas model to be sold in the USA.

According to the company, engineering teams from its California headquarters will follow a testing route passing through at least six US states. The vehicles will undergo hot weather, high altitude performance, dynamic vehicle ride and handling, and ergonomic testing, and will utilize the Pikes Peak International Raceway facility for a component of the dynamic ride and handling evaluation.

According to the firm, competitive vehicle comparison testing and assessment will be a part of the process as well. Throughout the evaluation process, HAAH will be assisted by testing specialist Global Vehicle Services Corp.

Commenting on the program, HAAH Automotive Holdings vice president for sales Bob Pradzinski said, “While we’ve been testing the vehicles here in the USA already, this will be our first full vehicle engineering evaluation program. We’re eager to start this next phase which will provide in-market, real-world experience that is invaluable for our engineering, sales and marketing teams.”

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