Klas rolls out end-to-end, modular data system for AV development

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Klas has announced the launch of Raven, an end-to-end, modular solution for autonomous vehicle (AV) and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) research and development.

The company says that Raven gives developers every piece of hardware required to ingest and store large amounts of in-vehicle data, along with the connectivity and compute capabilities they need to turn terabytes of data into high-performing AV algorithms, all underpinned by a software-agnostic virtual environment.

Modules include high-performance compute, storage up to 240TB in swappable cassettes with integrated compute capabilities, a variety of connectivity modules and secure remote data management.

“Accelerating the development of AVs requires the building and maintenance of fleets of test cars. This requires numerous pieces of hardware that all have to fit together into one system with seamless data collection. Raven simplifies that entire process,” said Frank Murray, CTO of Klas. “With Raven, OEMs and Tier 1s get a flexible, modular solution with the key functions of data logging, high-performance compute, and connectivity all in a standard 19in rack format.”

The company says that its years of experience deploying hardware in harsh environments, for military and industrial applications, has been put to good use on its new automotive products.

“Self-driving cars must be trusted to perform in all road conditions and keep up with constantly evolving regulations, which is why it’s critical to have a scalable solution that maximizes the number of test vehicles on the road at any given time. Instilling confidence in both regulators and consumers hinges on having evidence-based testing data collected at scale,” said John Gallagher, CEO of Klas.

“Historically, this has been difficult to do because of reliability and performance concerns along with size and power constraints, and we’ve solved both of those issues with Raven. It’s rugged, compact, and truly built for the open road.”

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