Autoliv aims to increase motorcycle safety

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Automotive safety systems company Autoliv has been testing a range of concept products developed to improve safety for motorcycle and scooter riders.

The products include a motorcycle helmet developed in partnership with AIROH which features an integrated airbag for increased head protection, airbags within protective clothing and an airbag on board a motorcycle.

Instead of placing a focus on a specific safety product, Autoliv Research worked to gather information on the most serious injuries frequently sustained by riders of motorcycles and scooters. These injuries were then reproduced during both virtual and physical testing programs conducted by the company. Following the tests, Autoliv decided that two different safety solutions were needed, consisting of on-vehicle or on-rider.

Working in collaboration with AIROH, the pair worked to develop the motorcycle helmet with an integrated airbag concept. The product was subjected to testing and the duo found that peak linear head acceleration and head injury risk in an impact were greatly reduced by using the concept airbag technology. Autoliv is also aiming to improve chest and shoulder protection for riders who are ejected from their bike by developing inflators and airbags for clothing such as rider jackets.

“To substantially reduce the number of motorcycle rider injuries and fatalities, we need to take a holistic approach where we investigate several combined countermeasures,” said Mikael Bratt, president and CEO, Autoliv. “We have always developed our products based on real-world data to ensure the benefit for the end user. We intend to use the same approach to other mobility modes, like motorcycle riders, to save more lives.”

“We have always focused on the safety of those who wear our helmets, which has impacted the development of the world’s first motorcycle helmet with an integrated airbag,” said Antonio Locatelli, CEO and founder of AIROH. “The early discussions we had with Autoliv convinced us of the feasibility of such an ambitious concept that could revolutionize the safety of millions of motorcycle riders.”

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