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Anritsu and EMITE has announced their latest combined solution for testing the latest Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) WLAN standard.  

The new Anritsu Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A has been integrated with the EMITE E600 Reverberation Chamber to test OTA TRP/TIS performance of Wi-Fi 6 devices in a repeatable environment. With built-in communications protocols and optimized performance for WLAN testing, the MT8862A + EMITE reverberation chamber can characterize with high reliability the performance of the latest devices in the market. 

David Sánchez, CEO of EMITE, says, “We are proud once again to develop a world’s first capability for testing 802.11ax Over-The-Air with the aid of Anritsu’s unique Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A and our E600 Reverberation Chamber WLAN OTA test platform. The unique capabilities of the Anritsu-EMITE WLAN OTA Test Platform cannot be met by competitors, and some of our major customers have already shown extreme interest.” 

The new integration has been able to measure total radiated power (TRP) and total isotropic sensitivity (TIS) OTA performance for IEEE 802.11ax devices. 

The use of WLAN networks is not exclusive to traditional indoor scenarios like homes, offices and airports but can be also found in automobiles. Wi-Fi Bluetooth technology is commonplace in cars used for pairing with a driver’s phone. Wi-Fi 6 will enable communication between other cars (V2V) or between a car and an infrastructure (V2I) using standard IEEE 802.11pcreated for inter-vehicle use. Vehicle manufacturers are packing vehicles with the Wi-Fi 6 standard to future-proof models for years to come. 

Hideo. Zuinen, product manager, IoT Test Solutions Div of Anritsu Corporation added, “WLAN OTA performance test demand is recently increasing in order to secure the brand position with high-quality WLAN products. The IEE802.11ax will be a standard WLAN technology in the future from the latest technologies and features viewpoint, and we are also proud to release the OTA test solution collaborated with EMITE’s leading-edge chamber products to the world-wide market.” 

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