Spanish Type Approval Authority designates Applus+ Idiada as Technical Service for UN cybersecurity regulation

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Automotive manufacturers can now obtain certification of Cybersecurity Management Systems and the approval of vehicle types through Spanish company Idiada’s Homologation area.

The company has been officially designated as a Technical Service for UN Regulation No. 155, by the Spanish Type Approval Authority, allowing it to approve vehicles with regards to cybersecurity and cybersecurity management systems.

The regulation introduces a new approach to Type Approval methodology. This includes provisions to evaluate the robustness of measures implemented by manufacturers for the management of cybersecurity-related risks throughout the supply chain, and over a vehicles’ entire lifetime.

All vehicles Type Approved from July 6, 2022, and those registered from July 7, 2024, in Europe must be compliant with UN Regulation No. 155. Other countries, including Japan and Korea, have also announced that they intend to make this regulation compulsory.

UN Regulation No. 155 procedures require the early start of activities between vehicle manufacturers and the Technical Service compared with other existing UN Regulations. Because of this, Idiada has worked on the designation process from the first discussions in UNECE Working Groups.

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