Xylon validates logger for use with Nvidia Drive AGX

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Xylon, a specialist in datalogging for testing, verification and validation of video and vision-based advanced driver assistance (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) systems, has validated the interoperability of its LogiRecorder Automotive Video Data Logger with the Nvidia Drive AGX scalable AI platform.

According to the company, its datalogger can be transparently inserted, either in a test car or on a lab test bench, between the Nvidia platform and up to 12 video cameras and other sensors, connected through more than 20 different automotive networks.

The Nvidia in-vehicle supercomputing platform processes data from camera, radar, and lidar sensors to perceive the surrounding environment, localize the car to a map, and plan and execute a safe path forward. The AI platform supports autonomous driving, in-cabin functions and driver monitoring, as well as other safety features—all in a compact, energy-efficient package.

Through development and validation system setups, Xylon states that the LogiRecorder enables non-invasive recording of centrally timestamped and precisely synchronized real-world test drive data. This extremely precise data manipulation at the hardware level is possible through its fully customized and programmable logic-based hardware platform.

The company claims its datalogger-in-a-loop is not only enabling automotive developers to record and archive all sensor stimuli, it can also replay collected road data straight out of the box. It provides automotive developers with the freedom to indefinitely repeat any corner-case road or traffic situation in the most realistic hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations.

Furthermore, unique selections of industry-standard native automotive video and network interfaces, which are directly embedded within the datalogger, connect directly to the Nvidia platform’s sensory inputs with no additional external boxes and realistically clone the test vehicle’s sensors on a developer’s desk.

“Direct replay of raw road sensor data from our LogiRecorder datalogger to the Nvidia Drive AGX platform has already been tested by several automotive Tier 1 customers,” said Davor Kovacec, founder and CEO of Xylon. “They are excited to continue using their Nvidia platforms with the LogiRecorder-in-a-loop with no changes in design and test flows. They can now develop, train and validate AI-based automotive systems faster and with higher quality.”

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