Ultra-thin microphones for test applications

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Danish firm GRAS Sound & Vibration has launched a range of Ultra-Thin Precision (UTP) microphones. It says the UTP microphones combine the high precision and reliability of measurement microphones with the need for extremely low-profile (1mm) housings that have a minimal influence on turbulence.

The company says that because of the UTP microphones’ compact form factor and easy mounting, they are especially suited for in situ boundary layer testing, when neutral impact and high precision is important. Together with its range of surface- and flush-mounted microphones, GRAS feels the UTP microphones cover all boundary layer testing applications across industries.

For example, the 48LA is a UTP high-pressure surface microphone for wind tunnel and in-motion testing. Its design combines a ¼in condenser microphone with a form factor that GRAS says makes it the world’s smallest measurement microphone. Notably, it says the 48LA is ideal for measurements in boundary layers on planar as well as curved surfaces.

In the rest of the range, the 48LX microphones are for medium-pressure measurements and include preamplifiers with TEDS, and the 48LX-4 (above left) and 48LX-8 (above right) consist of four/eight low-profiled ¼in CCP medium-pressure condenser microphones. They are mounted with rubber fairings in a line array configuration on a flexible PCB, easing installation to increase testing throughput and efficiency.

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