Portable, precision 3D scanner launched

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High end 3D scanners can be somewhat cumbersome, with speed and accuracy traded off against portability. GOM’s new ATOS Q system seeks to rectify this situation.

The industrial-specification unit is available in two versions, capable of either eight or 12 million points per scan. It utilizes blue-light scanning, which thanks to a narrower wavelength, enables better filtering of interference from ambient light. The result is greater accuracy and higher quality scans.

Additionally, the ATOS Q incorporates GOM’s triple scan technology, reducing the number of scans needed to record a part’s geometry. Unlike previous GOM scanners with these capabilities, the ATOS Q achieves this in a compact package, measuring just 340 x 240 x 83 mm and weighing approximately 4kg.

Thanks to five, interchangeable lenses, the ATOS Q can record measuring areas from 100 x 70mm to 500 x 370mm2. This versatility means it can be used to record a wealth of small to medium-size components. It can be used either in fully manual mode with just a tripod, semi-automated using a rotation table or fully automated using GOM’s robot arm equipped ScanBox system.

GOM will be holding a webinar on  June 24 to demonstrate the operation of its new scanner, using it in conjunction with its Inspect Suite software and providing case studies of its potential uses.

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