New moving ground plane installed at University of Ontario Institute of Technology


A new moving ground plane implemented in the Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in Canada has revolutionized vehicle evaluation, making it one of the most comprehensive aero and thermal test centers in the world.

The giant belt that acts as a road moving under a vehicle simulates the aerodynamic forces against moving vehicles and measures the physical characteristics in real-world conditions.

In addition to vehicle analysis by OEMs, students at the university will also be able to use the facility to train and conduct research.

“Access to sophisticated engineering tools like this wind tunnel will enable companies such as Magna to develop better passive and active aerodynamic products, which reducing automobile fuel use and CO2 emissions into the environment,” said Dave Pascoe, VP of engineering and R&D at Magna International.

Larry Holt, VP of engineering at Multimatic, added, “ACE’s moving-ground plane will provide Ontario’s automotive industry and research community with the unrivalled capability to develop new innovations that reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.”


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