Maplesoft expands MapleMBSE to include Capella

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Maplesoft, a provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science and mathematics, has released MapleMBSE 2020.2, offering expanded toolchain connectivity, improved performance and usability.

The software enables companies to implement model-based systems engineering (MBSE) processes without expert knowledge in complex MBSE tools. The release of MapleMBSE 2020.2 now supports the MBSE platform Capella, in addition to improved performance and usability.

MapleMBSE provides an intuitive, Excel-based interface to the systems model with optimized, task-specific views for editing the model directly, all while keeping the central model updated for use by all stakeholders. By eliminating the need to funnel all MBSE tasks through a small number of systems engineering tool experts, it is said that MapleMBSE democratizes the engineering process and significantly reduces the overhead, time and errors that can arise when every stakeholder must use their primary MBSE tool.

The new release of MapleMBSE adds support for Capella, a powerful MBSE platform from the Eclipse Foundation. Organizations using Capella can now edit models within MapleMBSE, allowing them to simplify MBSE tasks and increase engagement with MBSE processes. For all MapleMBSE users, the new release brings a variety of performance improvements for loading and interacting with systems models, as well as new usability features to make tracking model revisions easier.

“Most project stakeholders aren’t experts in MBSE tools, so they are hesitant to engage with the overall systems engineering processes at their company. Modern engineering projects have made systems engineering processes vitally important to success, requiring all stakeholders to be in collaboration. With MapleMBSE, it is easy for all stakeholders to contribute to the systems engineering process,” said Paul Goossens, vice president of MBSE Solutions at Maplesoft. “This new release brings MapleMBSE to even more systems engineers and promises to make stakeholder engagement even easier than before.”

In addition to supporting Capella, the new release of MapleMBSE enables engineers to easily manage project traceability and realizations using matrices. Users of other MBSE platforms, including IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody and Cameo Systems Modeler by No Magic, will benefit from improved performance across MapleMBSE, especially when importing and editing large models.

When working with systems models, MapleMBSE now includes a revision browser to view comments and changes made to the systems model by other stakeholders. The new version is also said to enable users to include predicate filtering in their model queries, allowing for faster and more automated ways to ensure model details are accurate.

MapleMBSE customers include Nissan, Honda, NASA JPL, Sandia Laboratories, and Lockheed-Martin Space Systems.

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