High-power and efficiency triple output battery testing devices revealed by EA Elektro-Automatik

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EA Elektro-Automatik has unveiled the EA-BT 20000 Triple Output Battery Tester series, which it states is the only battery tester instrument of its type with three channels and the highest voltage and current outputs.

Each instrument within the series is capable of testing up to three battery cells, modules or packs at the same time with a capacity of 4kW/channel, 6kW/channel or 10kW/channel. To facilitate the testing of higher capacity batteries, such as those with 12kW, 18kW or 30kW, channels can be paralleled.

Eight models comprise the EA-BT 20000 Triple series, with output voltages ranging from 10V to 920V and an output current/channel of 40A to 600A. EA Elektro-Automatik states that the EA-BT 20000 can continuously deliver three channels of 600A or a single channel supplying 1,800A.

The EA-BT 20000 Triple Output Battery Tester can be used across the entire battery lifecycle, ranging from materials research to battery development, manufacturing, incoming inspection and second-life battery recycling. The solution can be used to test individual cells, battery modules, and large battery packs.

Designed with functionality in mind, EA Elektro-Automatik’s latest battery tester can be used to charge and discharge battery packs for testing, simulation and recycling and are also capable of measuring parameters including battery state-of-health and end-of-life. Furthermore, due to the solution’s relay outputs, the test devices can control external contactors and safety circuits.

To enable software development in custom systems, the solution delivers driver support which includes IVI drivers and NI LabView drivers. Additionally, the EA-BT 20000 can interface to either a PC with SCPI commands or a programmable logic controller (PLC) with ModBus commands. All devices in the range have the same programming interface, enabling them to be quickly and easily adapted. Standard interfaces include USB, Gb/s Ethernet, EtherCAT, and CAN FD. With CAN FD, the battery tester can interface with automotive test stands. The EA-BT 20000 can also process commands and perform readings at the fastest control speed of 1ms.

For larger battery systems, up to 64 battery testers with 30kW capacity can be used to test a system with outputs as high as 1.92MW. Other configurations of testers can be used to create a system capable of testing high-voltage battery packs with voltages up to 2,000V.

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