DynoLAB GenV next-generation test automation controller from Sakor Technologies

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High-performance dynamometer systems business Sakor Technologies has released DynoLAB GenV, a next-generation test automation controller which enables even non-programmers to implement complex test systems and testing standards.

Designed to provide a new benchmark in modularity, performance, robustness and expandability, Sakor’s new test solution is built on the latest Windows technologies and development tools, and fully complies with all current information technology standards.

The adaptable DynoLAB GenV can be used with a range of hardware including power analyzers, resistance meters, high potential testers, ECUs, video control units and emissions analyzers. The fully networked test automation controller is capable of operating several different devices independently, so users can perform multiple tests at the same time, often with a single DynoLAB GenV controller.

Each DynoLAB GenV execution unit is an independent module benefitting from superior software robustness. Scalable by design, the system can be upgraded with faster processors, larger memory and more processor cores to ensure the solution stays up to date while delivering a high level of performance.

Sakor’s automation controller features multimonitor, multiwindow and multitabbed displays to enable a test sequence to be set out in an ergonomic way. Designed with a modernistic intuitive interface and a powerful graphical test sequence editor, test engineers and technicians can design and implement complex automated test sequences in an easy manner, without the need to learn a programming language or employ a professional programmer. Additionally, tests can be edited or created both online or offline and the user interface and displays can be modified while the test is underway. Furthermore, users can export test sequences, hardware channel sets and unit definitions for offline test editing. Sakor uses its advanced user experience feature to teach operators and engineers how to quickly configure and run tests.

“We are excited about the launch of our new DynoLAB GenV product,” said Randal Beattie, president, Sakor. “Building on our decades of testing experience, the new controller allows customers to automate much larger and more complex systems than ever before, with a cost and expandability not available in the market until now.”

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