Video game developers drive AVs

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AV software company Oxbotica is working with video game developers to design software for vehicles of the future.

Game developers that previously launched flight simulators, racing games and sporting titles for consoles and smartphones have created a simulated world in which Oxbotica is testing autonomous software.

The techniques behind animation technology used in the development of films is being harnessed by Oxbotica.

A video game engine similar to those behind Fortnite and Call of Duty is running the company’s virtual test program.

Simulation is one of the key enablers for Oxbotica’s autonomous software stack and its goal of universal autonomy.

Engineers can conduct virtual testing in an infinite number of scenarios, varying environmental conditions and traffic congestion and modeling unpredictable pedestrian behavior or scenarios.

Software changes can be played back through the simulations in a fraction of the time required for live testing.

Todd Gibbs is the first game developer to join Oxbotica, having previously managed game development at NaturalMotion.

“There is a lot of commonality between developing a chart-topping game and autonomous software, the most valuable being robust coding principles and a focus on CPU efficiency. We are able to write new code, debug and test in real time without sacrificing robustness or safety,” Gibbs said.

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