CEVT purchases DIM250 driving simulator

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China Euro Vehicle Technology (CEVT) has purchased a dynamic driving simulator from VI-grade.

The simulator is equipped with the VI-DriveSim software suite and active technology including belts, seat, brake and shakers.

It will be built at the second part of Geely Holding Group’s campus in Lindholmen, Sweden, which will be inaugurated in mid-2021.

The driving simulator is expected to be up and running earlier than that, and will be used for vehicle dynamics, ride and comfort as well as ADAS applications.

CEVT is a subsidiary of the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group covering passenger car development.

Mats Fagerhag, CEO at CEVT, said, “Our ambition with the simulator is to replicate the real world in as many aspects as possible to provide our engineers with an alternative to real world tests. In many cases we see that we can do the same tests as in the real world and still get a high level of representation of reality. This means that the simulator can be an option to any test that can be done on a prototype vehicle or a test vehicle in general.”

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