Kistler launches Slimline force measurement sensors

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Sensor specialist Kistler has announced a new generation of slimline force transducers, which it says are optimized to offer improved linearity in low measuring ranges.

According to the company, the Slimline versions of its C series sensors offer additional benefits for operators, not least increased sensitivity. It notes that this increased capability is partly down to an improved production method, whereby the sensors are welded under nominal load conditions, reducing the recommended preload from 50% to just 20% of the nominal range.

This process, Kistler says, facilitates easy installation of the sensors and can also reduce the required packaging space. The compact design is particularly relevant for the measurement of press-in or punching forces as well as large forces in force shunts, as well as for use in small dynamometers. Due to their rigidity, the sensors are also ideally suited for monitoring dynamic forces, with measurements over several minutes now possible.

Additionally, Kistler has improved the traceability of each sensor; for example, stiffness, natural frequencies and temperature sensitivity coefficients are included on each sensor’s data sheet to provide measurement engineers with additional information when undertaking challenging measurement tasks.

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