Element Warren invests in an electromagnetic sled to test seat quality in the automotive industry

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A US$5m investment by Element Materials Technology has involved the installation of an electromagnetic sled that enables the company to test seats to a greater level of accuracy and efficiency than anywhere else in the world.

The facility at the supplier’s lab in Michigan is one of only three in the world – and the only one in North America – that uses an electrical-energy storage system to cut regeneration times from half an hour to just 30 seconds. It incorporates an independent six-camera system to capture every detail of each test.

Now that the center is able to repeat tests more easily and rapidly, it will cut how long manufacturers need to spend validating components and will shorten total development time.

“Element’s E-Liner sled uses the most advanced cameras and automated positioning system on the market today, making its accuracy and repeatability on a level of its own. From a typical sine wave pulse to more complex vehicle crash data, the closed-loop system adjusts in real time to ensure accuracy. Our ability to run identical tests over many years will help pinpoint design flaws faster than ever, which allows for compressed testing schedules,” explained Donald Lux, divisional director of transportation.

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