Sakor Technologies to supply dynamometer to Nexteer Automotive

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Nexteer Automotive has commissioned Sakor Technologies to supply a dynamometer to test its high-speed motors and inverters, which are applied in hybrid and electric vehicles. At the core of the system is an Accudyne four-quadrant AC dynamometer that provides a constant power of 164kW from 4,356 to 12,000rpm (continuous duty). A 175kW, ±500V DC, 500A battery simulator is also included. The dyno is capable of full bi-directional braking or driving of the device under test. It can also provide full rated torque at stall (zero speed), and regenerative, non-resistive power absorption, with 360Nm of constant torque from stall to 4,356rpm.

It will be outfitted with Sakor’s DynoLab test automation controller tech, which enables intricate test procedures to be set up without the need to learn programming language. According to Sakor Technologies, the unit can be easily upgraded at any time to support higher speeds and greater power densities if future designs require them.

“This new system will be extremely useful for performing design validation, as well as determining performance and durability characteristics of various motor and inverter designs. It will contribute to our understanding of how to design hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrains that maximize efficiency and power density while making the best use of limited physical space,” said Randal Beattie, president of Sakor.

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