Vauxhall Corsa development program nears completion


The fifth generation Vauxhall Corsa is close to the end of its development.

Engineers have traveled to Swedish Lapland, around 40km south of the Arctic Circle, to conduct testing on frozen lakes and snow-covered roads. Test tracks have been used to refine the vehicle’s handling, and the car has also undergone electrical tests in the laboratory.

Experts from the chassis control department focused on handling and comfort and refining the electronic stability, traction control and anti-lock brake systems on slippery surfaces – working in temperatures as low as -30°C.

Engineers specifically used both the oval and other special surfaces at the company’s test facility in Germany to optimize the control systems.

Testing with camouflaged cars began in Swedish Lapland last November. From January to March, the ice on the frozen lakes was around 1m thick, enabling the test cars, snow plows and water sprinklers to drive on them.


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