Universal testing systems released by Instron

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Instron has released details of its latest generation of universal testing rigs for smarter and safer testing of mechanical components. The 3400 and 6800 series both bring a range of new features and improved specifications to help engineers conduct reliable, reproducible and highly accurate tests.

Both systems have several updates from previous models, including the ability to monitor pneumatic grip pressure during test setup to reduce the chance of finger pinch hazards. Built into the base is an internal regulator which can be activated via a footswitch or by a valve located on the grips, and pressures are automatically pre-defined by an onboard operating system that eliminates the need to adjust the machine manually when testing different components.

During operation, a collision mitigation system limits crosshead movement to only 600mm/min by automatically stopping crosshead movement if an unexpected force is recognized by the computer. Furthermore, the system includes a built-in safety program to ensure the operator understands when it is safe to approach the rig, by way of LED lights corresponding to a color code. System movement is controlled from an operator panel on the 3800 series, and an external handset for the 6800 series, allowing the rig to be operated from a safe distance.

Both series are equipped with maintenance-free brushless AC servomotors for improved cyclic and creep operations, with a data acquisition rate of 1000Hz for the 3400, and up to 5000Hz for the 6800, enabling definitive data recording and accurate results.

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