Honda R&D Americas chief engineer Lara Harrington reflects on her role


Lara Harrington, chief engineer at Honda R&D Americas, has reflected on her role in a new video in which she says she learned the transformative power of mobility at a young age. Growing up outside of Dayton, Ohio, Harrington discovered through her parents how the simple ability to move safely from one point to another could have a profound impact on someone’s life.

“My mother was raised in rural Tennessee and when they built a road that connected her town to other towns, she suddenly had the opportunity to transform her life by going to college,” said Harrington. “I realized at a young age the power of mobility and how it makes peoples’ lives better.”

With Honda for 27 years, Harrington led development of the 2019 Honda Pilot, becoming the first woman in Honda to fulfill this top product-development role.

“My job is to understand the customer’s needs first and foremost and to exceed their expectations in the product,” Harrington said.

“Having a diverse team of associates ensures different points of view and experiences are ultimately represented in the product development process.”

To watch the first episode click here.


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