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California-based AI startup Synthesis AI has created an open community, called OpenSynthetics, for creating and using synthetic data in AI/ML and computer vision. It is available to researchers, academics and wider industry users.

The company states that it is the first dedicated community focused on advancing synthetic data technology, with centralized access to synthetic data sets, research, papers, and code. Synthetic data, or the use of computer-generated images and simulations used to train computer vision models, is an emerging technology that was recently noted as one of the top 10 breakthrough technologies of 2022 by MIT Technology Review.

According to Synthesis AI, OpenSynthetics will allow AI/ML practitioners, regardless of experience, to share tools and techniques for creating and using synthetic data to build more capable AI models. Whether an individual or organization is only starting to investigate the use of synthetic data, or fully utilizing it in production systems, they will have access to relevant content. Additionally, OpenSynthetics is intended to serve as a community hub to collectively advance the use of synthetic data.

“Bringing together new and experienced researchers to contribute and share knowledge is an important step and an incredible milestone for the synthetic data industry,” said Yashar Behzadi, CEO of Synthesis AI.

“The launch of OpenSynthetics comes when synthetic data is at an inflection point and is being leveraged to build more capable and ethical AI models for autonomous vehicles, robotics, drones, the metaverse, and more. By creating a centralized hub of synthetic data resources, we hope to advance synthetic data’s role in powering the next generation of computer vision.”

More information about OpenSynthetics can be found here.

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