imc Test & Measurement releases dedicated software for NVH data analysis

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Germany-based imc Test & Measurement has released imc Wave 2022, a dedicated software package for standard-compliant noise and vibration analysis using its data acquisition systems. Consisting of four analyzers, the software offers a comprehensive range of analysis functions for sound pressure and sound power measurement, structural analysis and the analysis of vibrations and of rotating machines.

According to the company, the software guides users from configuration to calibration and measurement through to report generation in just a few steps, reducing setup time and delivering reliable results even for less experienced users in the field of NVH.

Microphone signals are processed simultaneously and sound level, sound pressure and sound power are determined online according to the relevant standards. The Wave noise analyzer offers a dedicated set of functions for this purpose, such as FFT and octave or third octave spectra as 2D or 3D diagrams (waterfall). Furthermore, microphones can be calibrated within the analyzer.

Vibrations in machine monitoring and diagnostics can be analyzed using the Wave vibration function, which provides advanced evaluation tools for characteristic parameters according to established standards. Meanwhile, Wave rotation evaluates data online during the operation of rotating machines. Based on speed calculations from pulse signals, it transforms signals to angle domain and displays the vibration process as an order spectrum.

Wave structure determines structural dynamic problems in components; it can calculate transmission functions and resonance frequencies to analyze the vibration behavior, bending and torsional stiffness.

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