Global auto makers to test StoreDot’s extreme fast charging batteries

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Production-ready extreme fast charging batteries from StoreDot are being shipped to selected automotive manufacturers and customers worldwide for real-world testing. The 30Ah silicon-dominant anode, lithium-ion pouch cells have been dispatched in modules in a large EV form factor. It is hoped testing and integration by OEMs will expedite their widespread adoption into mass production.

According to StoreDot, the 100in5 battery technology provides 100 miles (160km) of range in five minutes of charging. Investors include Polestar, Daimler, Volvo, VinFast and Ola Electric. StoreDot recently concluded a successful Series D funding round, enabling the batteries to be shipped out – marking a milestone for the company as it works to begin manufacturing the cells in 2024.

Amir Tirosh, chief business officer, StoreDot, said, Shipping the large form factor samples of our advanced 100in5 battery technology to over a dozen strategic partners and potential OEM customers across the globe is a truly historic moment for StoreDot. It is the culmination of 10 years of intense research and development and demonstrates our strong determination to push the known boundaries of battery technology to accelerate mass EV adoption and eliminate range and charging anxiety.

“I am delighted that we have now commenced intensive, real-world testing with leading OEMs and am confident that our cells will exceed OEM expectations with respect to energy density and extreme fast charging. Current performance shows >900 consecutive extreme fast charging (10% to 80%) in just 10 minutes, with more than 300Wh/kg. We are on track to exceed our commercialization milestone of 1,000 cycles this year. With the support and collaboration of key partners, StoreDot plans to begin mass production of our 100in5 cells and provide 100 miles of range for 5 minutes of charging during 2024. Our journey will not end there, as we confidently continue with our strategic goal of providing 100 miles of range with just three minutes in 2028, and in two minutes of charging within a decade.”

Learn more about the current state of play in electric vehicle battery technology testing in the March 2022 issue of ATTI online here.

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