Emitech adds hydrogen fuel cell testing capabilities

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Testing specialist Emitech Group has opened several new laboratories for the assessment of hydrogen fuel cells at its facilities in France.

The group now has two laboratories adapted to receive high-power hydrogen fuel cells (with current capacity for testing 45kW systems, which will be increased to 100kW in mid-2022). A third laboratory installation dedicated to hydrogen tank application testing is also under construction.

The first laboratory, for electromagnetic compatibility and electrical testing, has a 70m2 semi-anechoic Faraday cage (H>5m), complete with an H2  supply unit connected to four V18 cylinder racks (4 x 158m3 of H2 compressed to 200 bar/15°C), hydrogen detection sensors, an ATEX extractor hood and a 45kW cooling unit.

The second test laboratory is dedicated to mechanical and climatic conditions, with the climatic chamber adapted and secured to receive a complete fuel cell system with a H2 supply unit connected to two V18 racks of cylinders (H2 compressed to 200 bar at 15°C) and detection sensors.

The third mechanical and climatic test laboratory, currently under construction, will be used for specialist tasks such as fire testing as well as tank testing (hydraulic and pneumatic testing: endurance, pressure resistance, bursting, puncture, impact, overloading).

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