DJB Instruments signs major USA distributor agreement


DJB Instruments (UK) has announced that it has signed an exclusive distributor agreement for its product in North America.The agreement with Skorchtek LLC, which is DJB’s approved calibration partner for the US region, provides a base to develop and grow DJB’s business in North America.

Historically, DJB has worked with regional distributors, which has limited the exposure of the company’s product range. The new structure will mean Skorchtek can establish and manage a stronger and more widespread representative network throughout the USA. The exclusivity given to Skorchtek also provides the security for a significant investment in time and money to build the brand and sales quickly.

DJB’s managing director, Neill Ovenden confirmed further developments are also planned for the USA. He said, “The agreement with Skorchtek forms part of a longer-term strategic development plan for the US market; both companies are working toward a much bigger and comprehensive position in the USA. The DJB brand has more than 45 years of history and this is an exciting new step for the company.”

Andy Cogbill, president of Skorchtek, added, “We firmly believe there is huge potential for DJB in the USA. We have already seen how competitive the products can be and there is a desire for something new from US customers, which can also be supported by strong technical innovation and customer service, two things DJB excel at.”


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