dSpace unveils in-vehicle-prototyping and datalogging system

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dSpace has developed the Autera AutoBox that can analyze and store terabytes of information per hour. In automotive testing the application can be used for processing data from test runs with autonomous vehicles, replaying recorded video, and handling and optimizing artificial-intelligence algorithms.

The box’s data storage unit has a solid-state disk for storing bandwidths of up to 50Gb/s, and it can be fitted with hardware accelerators to filter and evaluate data during tests. It has extensive bus and network support, records accurate time stamps, and supports camera interfaces from most manufacturers. Users can also upload data to a server or the cloud at speeds of up to 100Gb/s.

The box is set up to run with RTMaps, but it can also tap into alternative environments such as Linux software. It will also be able to take advantage of new releases such as the planned fleet-management upgrade that allows users to monitor all their vehicles in real time.

“The dSpace Autera system delivers a high-performance solution for developing functions for automated driving that supports all relevant sensor interfaces, buses, and networks,” commented Marius Müller, product manager at dSpace. “It can also be combined with other development systems, such as the MicroAutoBox, and it’s ready to use with its pre-installed software.”

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