Latest SIRIUS shock and vibration DAQ system from Dewesoft

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Dewesoft has announced the release of its latest data acquisition system, the SIRIUSi-XHS-8xACC, designed specifically for shock and vibration applications that require high bandwidth, such as impact testing and analysis.

Previous systems from the company offered sample rates of either 200kS/sec/channel or 1MS/sec/channel. The latest model, built on Dewesoft’s new HybridADC technology, can sample up to 15MS/sec on all eight channels simultaneously. It also has two selectable modes of operation, consisting of a high-bandwidth mode, capable of 15MS/sec/channel rate and a high-dynamic-range mode, capable of up to 150dB at lower sampling rates.

Modes and sample rates can be selected independently on each channel, eliminating the need, cost and complexity of using two separate DAQ systems for a single test, due to the system’s ability to handle high- and low-speed measurements simultaneously.

Other such improvements to the DAQ system include redesigned input amplifiers specifically made to handle IEPE sensors, such as microphones and accelerometers, with higher bandwidth than previously possible.

Furthermore, each BNC input features an LED that lights up to indicate that a sensor is connected and working. Built-in TEDS support helps make test setup faster and more accurate than ever before. These inputs are galvanically isolated in both directions, ensuring low-noise, high-accuracy measurements.

The sensors are powered by an onboard and selectable current of 2mA to 20mA. Engineers can filter out low-frequency noise with the AC coupling (1Hz or 0.1Hz) and a DC coupling is also provided.

DewesoftX software is included with every Dewesoft DAQ system, alongside a set of built-in recording and analytical functions for applications like SRS, FRF, modal analysis, sine processing, sound analysis and others. All eight channels can be streamed to disk at up to 15MS/sec each. The DewesoftX software currently runs on the Windows operating system and connects to the SIRIUSi-XHS-8xACC via a USB 3.0 port.

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