b-plus releases GPU add-on for BRICK measurement platform

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German automotive data acquisition specialist b-plus has expanded its BRICK open measurement technology platform with a GPU add-on, the BRICK2 SPC P1000, which enables dedicated simultaneous recording of measurement data and its immediate analysis. This is achieved through the addition of an Nvidia Quadro P1000 graphics card while maintaining the BRICK unit’s compact form.

b-plus says the BRICK system is a high-performance measurement technology platform for recording, processing and analyzing measurement data from test drives of driver assistance and autonomous driving systems. The SPC P1000 extension allows the system to record additional raw sensor data and process the data streams in parallel, which means that performance of the CPU is increased by the GPU while maintaining the same compact rack footprint.

“With the BRICK2 SPC P1000, we meet the increasing demand of our customers to record sensor data from test drives and to perform an immediate analysis of the data at the same time,” explained Georg Vogl, the product manager of the BRICK Family. “With the BRICK2 variant SPC P1000, we offer an entry-level platform for GPU accelerated sensor recording and analysis applications in a compact design.”

The integrated Nvidia Quadro P1000 complements the CPU for parallel processing. It handles analysis tasks using artificial neural networks or in-vehicle image processing tools, among others, on 640 CUDA cores with 4GB of GDDR5 RAM. With a logging speed of up to 24Gbit/s, the platform can store 64TB in combination with the BRICK2 STORAGE add-on. The platform is ready for next-generation sensor technology, handling, for example, six cameras with 8MP resolution.

The BRICK2 SPC P1000 is also compatible with other building blocks of the BRICK family and can be integrated into software packages, AVETO components and third-party systems thanks to the open platform concept. Depending on customer and project requirements, an optimal test setup can be assembled to intelligently select and analyze driving data during the test drive (Intelligent Recording).

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