Kistler details new THOR 5F crash test dummy

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Kistler and Cellbond are set to launch the THOR (Test Device for Human Occupant Restraint) 5F ATD, a crash test dummy featuring a complete measuring chain.

Accurate to 95% of the adult population in terms of its size and weight (only 5% of people are smaller and lighter than the dummy), the THOR 5F ATD features 250 separate components, and due to its neck, clavicle and pelvis design, the dummy closely resembles a real human anatomy.

Kistler developed the compact DiMod 1.6 digitizing module to cater for geometries which are smaller than the company’s standard THOR50 model. As a result, engineers can increase the number of signal channels to a maximum of 288 to ensure a higher integration density in data acquisition.

The new-generation dummy enables realistic simulation of frontal impacts, particularly with female occupants who are smaller and lighter than the average human.

Cellbond started designing the THOR 5F ATD in September 2021, with Kistler joining the project in January 2022 to work on the development of the ribs and rib stiffeners. The development engineers greatly reduced the dummy’s number of components down to 250 compared to the 750 parts in the THOR 50M.

Up to 160 measurement axes are installed in the crash test dummy to enable the accurate assessment of loads that an occupant experiences in a frontal crash. An inertial measurement unit (IMU) was also developed by Kistler for the THOR 5F – mounted in the head, chest, pelvis and feet. Each of the three IMUs can measure three acceleration and three rotation rates, with sensor signals converted from analog to a digital in the sensor.

A DTI recorder with 288 channels enables engineers to connect with the dummy’s 160 measurement axes. Additionally, if the connection to the onboard measuring system is interrupted during a crash test, the recorder continues to log reliable measurement data, enabling standalone use of the crash test dummy.

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