Porsche Digital develops artificial intelligence for noise detection

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The Porsche Digital subsidiary of the Stuttgart-based manufacturer has expanded its product portfolio with the arrival of the Sounce digital assistant, which uses deep learning to detect background noise – for example, during vehicle component tests.

Porsche states that the system can reliably and precisely detect noises emitted from vehicles, for example during endurance tests. This, it says, takes the strain off development engineers in particular, who normally must be personally present throughout such tests. It notes that the assistant also makes error documentation more precise and simplifies root cause analysis.

“With Sounce, it is possible to reliably check the noise development of load-bearing components round the clock and under various conditions. This enables us to improve the opportunities for analysis in early component tests,” explained Patricia Rennert, head of industry solutions at Porsche Digital. Acoustics testing based on artificial intelligence (AI) increases quality and reduces costs across a wide range of applications.

Porsche explains that the technology, which is based on the principle of anomaly detection, can be applied to various areas, for example test situations where a large number of different acoustic signals make analog analysis via the human ear difficult.

The Industry Solutions division of Porsche Digital designed and developed the so-called Software as a Service (SaaS) solution together with the development department of Porsche, while Porsche Digital is responsible for operating the technology.

“Developing technological industrial solutions is our core competence and therefore one of our main strategic approaches. Sounce impressively underlines the possibilities, which are offered in particular by our deep tech experts,” highlighted Mattias Ulbrich, CEO of Porsche Digital.

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