Independent lab verifies performance of StoreDot’s extreme fast-charging batteries

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Following a series of rigorous tests, StoreDot’s extreme fast-charging battery technology has been validated by the Shmuel De-Leon Energy battery lab – confirming the tech’s commercialization viability and performance capabilities. Analyses covered energy density, charging rate, operating conditions and cycling.

Doron Myersdorf, CEO, StoreDot, said, “In recent months we have successfully concluded live public charging demonstrations of StoreDot’s XFC batteries. However, handing over our technology for independent assessment by leading battery lab Shmuel De-Leon Energy was essential for us for independent validation of our extreme fast-charging technologies.”

As StoreDot reported, the results corroborated the batteries’ energy density of 300Wh/kg and the capabilities of StoreDot’s technology to do 1,000 consecutive extreme fast-charging cycles.

“We are delighted to have passed yet another milestone on our strategic roadmap to deliver mass adoption of EVs with flying colors. It is particularly gratifying to have the commercialization validity and superior performance of StoreDot’s XFC and high-energy technology verified by leading experts in the field. In addition, our technology continues to be trialled in the real-world by our leading automotive partners. Each goal reached and each test successfully passed further validates our confidence in our ability to deliver 100in5 battery technology by 2024 and 100in3 by 2028.”

StoreDot also announced that it has reached all its goals for 2022 and it is confident it can achieve its ‘100inX’ strategic technology roadmap. As outlined in the roadmap, StoreDot aims to deliver; mass manufactured battery cells capable of 100 miles of range in five minutes of charge by 2024;  cells capable of 100 miles in three minutes by 2028; and 100 miles in two minutes by 2032.

Commented Myersdorf, “This year has been StoreDot’s best year to date and has affirmed our positioning among the leading innovators and cell manufacturers at the high end of what’s available in the market.

“Next year our focus will be on establishing manufacturing partnerships and broadening our capabilities in additional battery form factors, while also reducing charging times further and pushing the boundaries of semi-solid and post-Lithium technologies. We look forward to building even stronger relationships with our global automotive partners and will continue to expand globally augmenting both our leadership team and our world-class battery expertise.

StoreDot's 30Ah silicon-dominant EV battery cell

StoreDot’s 30Ah silicon-dominant EV battery cell

“Our battery cells are currently undergoing real-world testing of the ground-breaking XFC technology around the world and the results so far have been extremely positive and consistent. We remain highly focused on pushing the known boundaries of battery technology to accelerate mass EV adoption with our innovation focus around fast charging aiming at eliminating range and charging anxiety.”

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