SHOW NEWS: Cambustion showcases Catalytic Stripper Accessory for Fast Particulate Analyzer

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Cambustion Ltd (Booth 3018) chose Automotive Testing Expo, Novi, Michigan 2019 to announce its Catalytic Stripper Accessory (CSA) for use with the company’s DMS500 fast particulate analyzer.

“With the CSA the DMS500 presents a powerful and flexible research tool,” said Jamie Parnell, applications engineer, Cambustion Ltd. “[The CSA] is capable of measuring all particles, or just the solid ones, in terms of size distribution, number and mass, with the fastest available response time. It maintains the time response of the DMS500 – less than 300ms with a 7m sample line – while fully integrating with the DMS500 and its existing well-established heated sampling line and fully integrated dilution.

“It can be used with minimal dilution for maximum sensitivity at low emission levels, and solid particle loss is kept to a minimum by rapid transit through the sampling system. Overall dilution and solid particle loss are automatically corrected for. The CSA can of course be easily bypassed when required in order to measure all particles.”

Used in over 30 countries by OEMs, research centers and universities, Cambustion’s fast-response HC, NOx, CO/CO2 and particulate mass and number analyzers pinpoint high-emission operation points with millisecond response times. The new CSA removes volatile particles from engine exhaust gases, as required for particle number measurements in Euro VI legislation.

Combustion is also showcasing the FID600, the next generation of fast HC analyzers. “The FID600 shows improvements in sampling pressure range, linearity, oxygen synergism and drift incorporated with completely redesigned user interface and fully digital datalogging at up to 4kHz,” added Parnell. “Dual channels allow hydrocarbon measurement at 1ms time response on two cylinders or pre- and post-catalyst simultaneously, helping to accurately resolve cold-start and light-off strategies. Come to the Cambustion booth to learn more!”

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