EXPO NEWS | Day 1: Typhoon HIL invites visitors to share insights into BMS testing using HIL

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Electrification is top of the agenda at this year’s Automotive Testing Expo Europe. Regina Roos, senior business development lead Europe, and Aiko Sven Classe, principal application engineer at Typhoon HIL, will examine the topic of battery management systems evaluation using hardware-in-the-loop simulation on Day 2 of the show, on the Technology Presentation Stage at 14:00 on Wednesday, June 14 (Hall 10).

As EVs are big consumers of electricity, the consensus is that for a high share of electric vehicles, smart or controlled charging is essential to not only increase the share of renewables, but to avoid grid bottlenecks.

Roos revealed ahead of the presentation that the first simulation results and external discussions with chargepoint operators indicate small discrepancies or ‘not explicit’ standards across the whole operator chain, EV charging equipment and electric vehicles. This is especially important for a charge point operator to guarantee operation with all brands of electric vehicle supply equipment and EVs, thereby ensuring interoperability.

She explained in more detail: “Energy scenario simulations predict for Germany 700GW generation from fluctuating sources from wind and sun. The connection power of 400GW only for EV (also offering 2TWh storage capacity) indicates the trend to electric society. This shows the need for smart charging and bidirectional charging (V2G) to access these huge storage capacities for overall balancing. Smart charging is also needed for distribution grid integration, which are not prepared for the new loads with high simultaneity. In addition to shiftable loads, storage capacity is needed. The range of battery behavior needs to be monitored and validated ahead of time.

“Tests are also needed after every software update in just one of the components of the device under test. The huge number of variants from different manufacturers mean that these tests must be automatized. For this, the approach of power HIL testing provides a solid basis, covering the complete system and all the possible points of failure in the charging process.”

Roos and Sven Classe are also at the Typhoon HIL booth, ready to exchange thoughts with visitors on EV deployment and the next steps. As Roos pointed out, it’s about understanding the geopolitical setup, the legislation and the opportunities.

More specifically, added Roos, “We would like to discuss with users their first experiences in the BMS field and what is on their wish list for improvement. Only with an extremely agile approach can we be successful in this dynamic market, in which sustainability and zero carbon emissions play a major role.”

Visit Typhoon at Booth 1621

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