Automotive Testing Expo in Novi: One week to go!

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Over 300 exhibitors will present their latest solutions in a week’s time, at this year’s free-to-attend Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan. The international automotive testing industry exhibition takes place October 26-28, in Novi, Michigan, where visitors will be able to see and experience the best and most exciting innovations and technologies set to shape the future of the industry – all under one roof.

Held for the first time since 2019, this year’s show is particularly anticipated, providing a much-needed opportunity for automotive testing companies to source and trial the new solutions they need to keep up with the swiftly changing industry.

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A host of new technologies are expected to make their debut in Novi. For example, Dataspeed (booth 1009) is excited to highlight the Polaris RZR as one of the latest additions to its drive-by-wire platforms. The Polaris RZR has a robust design for tough environments, and responsive controls for aggressive agility. The Dataspeed Drive-by-Wire Kit is a complete hardware and software system that allows seamless electronic control of a vehicle’s brake, throttle, steering and shifting to enable testing for autonomous vehicle applications. This combination of the RZR vehicle and the Dataspeed Drive-by-Wire Kit provides a durable and reliable research and development platform engineered to withstand challenging environments and rough terrain.

Need to test EV powertrains? Unico’s (booth 4004) new 2500 series silicon carbide (SiC) drives are ideal for applications such as acting as a universal inverter. The universal inverter is a critical component for testing new EV powertrain applications, where higher switching frequencies up to 75kHz are required for controlling and testing high-speed e-motors. Unico SiC drives will support traction inverter and e-motor development.

With 60+ years of experience in high-speed camera technology, NAC (booth 9040) provides turnkey imaging solutions. At Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, the company will showcase its cutting-edge imaging technology, including the enhanced Memrecam High Speed Camera System, which includes the required tools to enable time-efficient workflow. Efficiencies include mobile tablet control, faster download speeds, remote lens control and a workflow-efficient camera control platform.

Knick Interface (booth 15030) will introduce the newest member of its high-voltage electrical measurement family, the P42000D2. With a width of 45mm, P42000D2 sets a new benchmark for transducers with measurement and isolation to 2,200V DC. With its impressive list of specifications for accuracy, speed and safety, P42000D2 is an excellent choice for applications in electric automotive testing.

ADAS test products are making a big splash at this year’s expo. AB Dynamics (booth 5004) has launched two new ADAS testing products that enable OEMs to safely undertake challenging and realistic scenarios at higher speeds than just the typical urban scenarios. The first is the GST120 Guided Soft Target platform, which, when combined with the industry-standard Soft Car 360 surrogate vehicle target, enables ADAS system testing at speeds up to 120km/h. The GST120 is joined by a new, high-speed version of AB Dynamics’ popular LaunchPad VRU platform, called the LaunchPad 80. It enables the testing of complex, higher-speed scenarios, which will soon be required by safety performance assessment programs. As the name suggests, the LaunchPad 80 enables testing at up to 80km/h.

Offering centimeter-level position accuracy, and 1° heading accuracy, the new indoor positioning solution from Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) (booth 10018) gives users the confidence to take their AV and ADAS testing indoors. The first instance of this solution was delivered in March 2021 at Horiba MIRA’s new Assured CAV Parking facility, a first-of-its-kind, purpose-built multi-story parking structure for the development of automated valet parking (AVP) and other ADAS systems, such as park assist. This installation meets Horiba MIRA’s requirements of better than 5cm position accuracy, and ≤/=1° heading accuracy, up to speeds of at least 30km/h, ideal for parking scenarios that involve low-speed maneuvers with small vehicle-to-target distances.

Michigan Scientific Corporation (booth 11020) released its new LW65, the first in a line of precision wheel force transducers (WFT). The LW65 boasts extremely high accuracy. All six channels have typical non-linearity error and hysteresis below 0.15% of full scale. Michigan Scientific has made additional strides by including ISO 17025 certification and SAE J328 certification.

And Dytran Instruments (booth 6022S) will introduce an innovative accelerometer that operates continuously at high temperatures up to 200°C thanks to a custom-designed hybrid electronics package. The new 3525A Series includes single-axis, IEPE accelerometers that enable users to measure shock and vibration in automotive applications without the need for external charge amplifiers. This IEPE solution reduces the cost and complexity of a test in comparison with traditional charge mode monitoring systems.

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