Lotus Engineering and Iprova collaboration combines AI-enabled invention with engineering know-how

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A technology tie-up between Lotus Engineering and Iprova, a data and algorithm expert, aims to combine engineering prowess with data knowledge to conceptualize transportation solutions in a groundbreaking new way. Essentially, according to the two companies, the method will harness AI to invent technologies quicker and more efficiently than is currently possible.

Iprova’s systematic way of applying AI, data and automation is designed to aid engineers in forming ideas in real-time – enabling innovations to be brought to fruition almost immediately and more reliably than using traditional manual, slow-moving invention processes. Its software platform, Invention Studio, will be combined with Lotus Engineering’s knowledge and experience in the automotive development sector to form an engineering force.

Julian Nolan, CEO of Iprova said, “Lotus leads the world in driving dynamics and engagement by enabling the driver to sense feedback from the road. Our invention platform, Invention Studio, transforms the process of invention by enabling engineers and scientists to sense inventive signals as they occur, in real-time, even if they are very distant to the target invention area. This enables sector-defining inventions to be created with great speed and efficiency.

“There are no prizes for coming second in the race to invent and implement and, for this reason, partnering with Lotus Engineering makes perfect sense. Together we are able to invent and implement faster, minimizing the time from opportunity identification through to product launch.”

Lotus Engineering commercial director Mark Stringer added, “Our clients have told us that they want to make bold and breakthrough products at key points of disruption. It’s a process driven by creativity and therefore a need to invent. Iprova’s technology delivers this efficiently at scale and so this collaboration adds a vital new element to our portfolio of consultancy services.

“Just as there is a need for invention, there is also a need for implementation – to develop proof-of-concept prototypes and then engineer products. This is what Lotus Engineering provides. Our own technical services range from design and concept engineering through to full-scale industrialization, attribute development and even manufacturing. This partnership with Iprova means we can better support our clients throughout the product development process, aiding collaboration and ingenuity right from the very start.”

The JV will “promote innovation at key points of industry disruption, then productionize the resulting inventions more quickly and efficiently than ever before”, the two firms stated in a press release.

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