Siemens Digital Industries Software to acquire MultiMechanics to help test new materials

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Siemens Digital Industries Software is to acquire MultiMechanics, giving it access to MultiMechanics’ finite element software for testing advanced composites and other materials. Integrated with the Simcenter 3D software, the expanded offering will enable customers to compare the engineering and performance of digital parts and monitor when composites will fail at the microstructural level.

With Simcenter’s software in Siemens’s Xcelerator portfolio, developers and manufacturers would be able to use computer-aided engineering technology to design parts made of advanced polymers, composites, ceramics, and even metals for the automotive industry.

Simcenter enables manufacturers to predict the performance of 3D designs imported from any CAD source. They can then prepare analysis models for a range of CAE methods, including finite element, boundary element, computational fluid dynamics, and multi-body dynamics.

During processes such as injection moulding and additive manufacturing, tiny imperfections often lead to microstructural failures. The latest software can identify potential weak spots that could lead to material failure, so manufacturers can redesign and re-engineer parts without having them fail in the real world.

“We are excited to join Siemens and the Simcenter family. The combination of the TRUE multiscale technology of MultiMechanics and Simcenter 3D software will provide a strong basis for further innovation, enabling an expansion of scope of structural simulation to include multi-physics support for applications such as minimization of part distortion, prevention of voids during material flow, and prediction of visco-elastic acoustic properties,” said Flavio Souza, president and CTO of MultiMechanics.

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