Partnership to provide reliable 3D mapping solutions based on sensor fusion with lidar

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GNSS/INS positioning solutions company Septentrio and XenomatiX, a provider of solid state lidar technology for autonomous applications and road management solutions have entered a partnership to enable high-quality lidar solutions.

XenomatiX will be using the AsteRx SBi3 Pro+, a compact and robust GNSS/INS receiver produced by Septentrio, to provide millimeter-accurate analysis of pavement conditions using global positioning coordinates.

The Septentrio GNSS/INS will be utilized as part of Xenomatix’s road lidar system XenoTrack. The AsteRx SBi3 high-performance RTK GNSS/INS receiver features a dual antenna setup to ensure centimeter-accurate geotagging of the XenoTrack point cloud frames for relative and global millimeter accuracy over large distances.

The inertial GNSS – IMU integration algorithm allows for dead-reckoning, meaning continuous positioning in environments of low satellite visibility where GNSS outages can occur.

With traditional road scanning based on laser profilers relying solely on accurate GNSS/INS to stitch consecutive profiles together, it is claimed the XenoTrack system can capture 3D topography of an entire area in a single shot. XenomatiX’s sensor fusion algorithms combine visual SLAM techniques with GNSS, IMU and CAN to obtain a seamless map of the road shape.

The Septentrio proprietary GNSS+ technology is to play a key role in delivering accurate and reliable measurements needed for XenoTrack. The AIM+ Advanced Interference Mitigation technology will ensure robust positioning even in the presence of a jammers. When signal is interupted for an extended period, the built-in RAIM+ integrity algorithm serves as an indicator of when it is best to give priority to other sensor input to maintain a high-quality solution.

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